[Atropine Injection Instructions]_Usage_Dosage

[Atropine Injection Instructions]_Usage_Dosage

There are many medicines for treating diseases in medicine.

These drugs have their own unique differences. Atropine injection is a commonly used medicine. Every cell in the body secretes different hormones every day. Atropine injection can inhibit a hormone called choline, which can promote digestion and avoidFor gastrointestinal ulcers, it is necessary to listen to the pharmacist to choose the appropriate amount according to the condition. Remember not to eat more. Take a look at the drug instructions below.

Atropine is an M-choline receptor blocker. Atropine injections are mainly used as injections for the treatment of gastrointestinal relieving heat and gastric motility. They can also be used for sinus block and atrioventricular block caused by excessive vagal nerve excitementArrhythmia can also be used for ventricular ectopic secondary to secondary sinus node dysfunction.

1. Subcutaneous, intramuscular or intravenous injection commonly used in adults: 0 each time.


5mg, 0 a day.


3mg; Extreme: 2mg at a time.

Subcutaneous injection in children: 0 each time.


02mg / kg, 2?
3 times.

Intravenous injection: used to treat Asthma Syndrome, each time 0.


05mg / kg, repeat once every 15 minutes if necessary until the complexion flushes, the circulation improves, blood pressure rises, and the interval is extended until the blood pressure stabilizes.

2. Intravenous injection of antiarrhythmic adults 0.

5?1mg, 1 on demand
Once every 2 hours, the maximum amount is 2mg.

3. Detoxification 1) For Alzheimer’s syndrome caused by antimony, intravenous injection 1?
2mg, 15?
Inject 1mg after 30 minutes. If the patient has no seizure, every 3?
1 hour subcutaneously or intramuscularly at 1 mg.
2) When used for organophosphate poisoning, intramuscular or intravenous injection?
2mg (in the case of severe organophosphorus poisoning can increase by 5?
10 times), every 10?
Repeat for 20 minutes until the bluish-purple disappears. Continue medication until the condition is stable, and then use the maintenance amount, sometimes 2?
3 days 4, adults with anti-shock improvement cycle generally press 0 weight.


05mg / kg, after intravenous injection with 50% glucose injection or intravenous drip with glucose water.

5, before anesthesia in adults 0 before surgery.

5?1 hour, intramuscular injection of 0.

5mg, pediatric subcutaneous injection dose is: 0 for those weighing less than 3kg.
1mg, 7?
9kg is 0.

2mg, 12?
16kg is 0.

3mg, 20?
27kg is 0.

4mg, 32kg or more is 0.

5 mg.