[How to make dumplings in pot]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[How to make dumplings in pot]_ making method _ practice Daquan

The dumplings are different from ordinary dumplings. The dumplings are dumpling-shaped, but the appearance of the dumplings is crispy with fillings. Traditional dumplings are cooked with water. Many people prefer to eat dumplings because the dumplings are crispy.And it is very fragrant. When making it, you need to prepare a pan. After the pan is full, use it to fry. Be careful to take it slowly, so that it is easier to form.

How to make the pot stickers is delicate, you must use a pan, apply a layer of oil, the pot stickers neatly and neatly, one by one, you should sprinkle some water evenly during frying, it is best to use a small mouthed kettleSprinkle water on the gap between the pan and the pan to penetrate the bottom of the pan.

Cover the pot and fry for two or three minutes, then sprinkle with water again.

Fry for another two or three minutes and sprinkle with water again.

Oil can be dripped at this time.

Serve after about five minutes.

When taken with an iron shovel, they are connected together in five or six, the bottom is golden yellow, the periphery and slightly soft, steamy, the best.

When eating, the skin is crispy and cottony, and the filling is rotten and crispy. The aroma is tangy and the aftertaste is endless.

What a wonderful treat, too.

The stuffing on the pot is also like the dumpling stuffing, which can be baked and vegetarian, pork and mutton, seafood, and game, all in people’s hobby.

In the old days, there was an old shop selling pot stickers in Zhuganshikou, Xi’an West Street, which was quite popular.

Xi’an pot paste, used to use pork and chives as stuffing, mixed with yellow noodle sauce and sesame oil, fragrant and fresh.

Pure meat stuffing pot sticker 1.

Prepare raw materials: buy meat filling, dumpling skin directly, or roll out.

Prepare other ingredients: soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, onion ginger, etc., plus an egg.


Stir the eggs into the meat, add an appropriate amount of water, and stir clockwise. When you feel sticky, add salt and soy sauce to turn it into spiced powder.

You can also choose other flavors you like.


Spread chopped chives on top of the stirred meat.

Eat as many chives as you like, otherwise the leek stuffing will smell bad and all the rest will be wasted.


The method of wrapping is simple: pinch the dumpling skin in the middle, and ventilate on both sides.


Code well in the pot, pay attention to the key steps: add oil first, and after 3 minutes of low fire, pour an appropriate amount of water, the pot makes a sizzling sound, cover the pot lid, and open it again in 2 minutes, so repeat 2-3 timesJust fine.

Turn the pan once in the middle and cover the shell to prevent the oil from splashing when it encounters water.

Regarding the filling inside, it’s actually good to use meat as the filling.

Or use prawns, eggs and minced meat to make the three fresh fillings are also very good, depending on everyone’s taste.