[Efficacy of Dongguo Pear]_Benefits_Benefits

[Efficacy of Dongguo Pear]_Benefits_Benefits

In daily life, people especially like to eat fruits, because fruits have high nutritional value and can supplement the trace elements needed in our bodies.

Bananas, apples, pears, watermelons, oranges, etc. are all fruits that grow in life. Dongguo pear is a type of pear that has high nutrition, mainly including cough, phlegm, anti-fire, digestion, and other functions.It has the effect of losing weight and is loved by people.


Dongguo Pear’s medicinal properties Chinese medicine believes that Dongguo Pear is a kind of fruit with cool and sweet taste.


The effectiveness of Dongguo Pear 1) Dongguo Pear is a kind of phlegm and cough suppressant, Dongguo Pear has a good lung moisturizing effect.

2) The nutritional value of Dongguo Pear is very high. Dongguo Pear has sweet and sour taste. It is rich in fruit acid, grape acid and sucrose. Dongguo Pear’s malic acid and protein are also high.It also contains a lot of minerals and trace elements calcium, phosphorus, iron, and also contains many vitamins.

3) Dongguo pear can provide thermal energy to the human body, so that it can maintain the brain function well, and also can regulate the human body’s micro-metabolism. Dongguo pear is rich in a lot of supplementary fiber, which has a good detoxification effect.It can also enhance the function of intermediates.

4) Dongguo Pear is good for some people who have a lot of body weight loss and low immunity. At the same time, Dong Guo Pear is also good for anemic people with reduced memory. It is also very helpful for children with slow growth and development.

Nutritional value The flesh of Dongguo pear is water-white, crispy and juicy. It has a sweet and sour taste and is moderately delicious. It is suitable for storage.

The trace amount is about 85%, and it is rich in various nutrients such as fruit acid, grape acid, sucrose, malic acid, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamins, and has high nutritional value.

It has the beauty of fresh food, but also the beauty of steaming and cooking.

It is especially important for people who have cough with dense saliva or no sputum, itchy throat and dry throat, chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis patients, hypertension, heart disease, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, and those who have not been awake after hangover.

Contraindications: Chronic enteritis, stomach cold, and diabetic patients should not eat raw pears.