[How to make noodles with dough_How to make noodles with dough]

[How to make noodles with dough_How to make noodles with dough]

Melaleuca is a very popular pasta snack.

In fact, lasagna is not difficult to make. If you don’t want to buy it outside, you can master it at home and make it.

Because it is pasta, the noodles are suddenly very important. If you want to make the lasagna as delicious as the outside, you must master the noodle skills.

So, how do lasagna mix with noodles?

Let’s take a look at the method.

What kind of water and noodles can be used for lasagna, but the most important thing to make lasagna is the inside and the oil surface, so that the lamination will form, otherwise the layers will stick together.

What flour is used to make lasagna? Lasagna is made from high-gluten flour. The high-gluten flour has a high gluten content. The internal gluten structure is better and can produce the effect of lasagna. If it is other flour, it may be made.Melaleuca effect is not very good, I used to make Hao Laonong’s high-gluten flour.

The lasagna can be made with hair or dead noodles. The lasagna can be used with either hair or dead noodles, but the ratio of the time when noodles are added with water is different.

Here’s a method for making a layer cake:

Knead 200g of flour, 1g of yeast, and 125g of water into a smooth and soft dough.

Mix 10 grams of flour, mix oil and salt to form a “puff pastry” 3.

Take out the fermented dough, knead it into excess bubbles, and knead it into a thick, thick strip.

Spread thin powder, gently roll out the thinner, roll the thick end into a slightly wider sheet, and roll the rest into a uniform width (while rolling and gently rubbing, this can make the dough thinner, and the more layers the thinner)5,

Brush the pastry evenly, leaving the edge of the wide end not to brush (to facilitate later adhesion) 6.

Start stacking from one end, the width and the width of the strip (that is, to stack a square-shaped sheet, and gently fold the edges to make the layers more and thin) 7.

Finally, cover the sides with the extra thick skin on the wide end and squeeze 8 tightly.

Slacken for 10 minutes and gently roll it into a dough 9.

Heat the frying pan over the frying pan, add the dough, and cook on low heat until the golden color on both sides is uniform.